Blogging Niches | 3 Steps On How To Choose a Winning Niche For Your Blog


In this post i’m going to be covering Blogging niches, 3 steps on how to choose a winning niche for your blog. Narrowing down your niche is a really important step in building your profitable blog.

Let’s just talk about why it’s so important to do this I feel like nearing down your niche is important because if you try to help everyone and you have a very broad niche in the end you’re probably not going to help as many people as you’d like to.

It’s better to just become really proficient at one thing, teaching one thing, helping people in one category as opposed to trying to spread yourself really thin and cover a lot of different things.

You want your potential customers to identify your strengths automatically like as soon as they land on your page and if you try to be good at everything, it can be really difficult to do that. Just be a rockstar at one specific category and it’ll make it much easier to just build your business from there.

Here’s a really easy four step formula that you can use to figure out exactly what it is you want to write about.

#Step 1: Skills and Passions

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Step number one, list all of your skills and your passions. This isn’t the time to hold back, don’t be shy and don’t worry. Nobody’s going to look at your list, and even if they did, it doesn’t matter! You’re working on your business and the whole point of this first step is to really just pour everything onto the page. You definitely want to list all the things that you’re good at and things that you will be able to teach other people.

It’s okay listing your skills, but you also want to consider things that you are also passionate about. This is important because it will ensure that you will enjoy what your doing and you won’t end up getting bored and quitting after just a few months of blogging.

#Step 2: Narrowing Down

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The next step is to start narrowing down all of your different categories. You need to go through your list and start analyzing all of your ideas. As mentioned in step number one, really consider your skills, and more importantly, things you are passionate about, and narrow it down to a short list of around 2-3 niches.

A great thing to do at this stage is to take your shortlist and do some keyword research on each of the niches. This will allow you to see how competitive the niche is and how easy you can rank for each of the keywords. If your stuck and you simply cannot choose between the niches, this step may be the final factor in you deciding.

This is because one of the niches on your list may have a lot of keywords that are either difficult or near impossible to rank for. If that’s the case then when it comes to SEO purposes, it is going to be extremely hard to start generating traffic.

Free Keyword Research Tools:

Although free tools are good, you are very much limited on search, rank difficulty and data restrictions. All of the crucial things needed for a successful blog. Here are some cheap paid alternatives. As far as i’m aware, all of the below tools offer free trial periods, so it’s worth signing up just for doing your research. These are also tools that you will need forever for as long as you blog so it’s worth the small investment.

Long Tail Pro:

make money blogging 4


KW Finder:

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#Step 3: Blog Posts List

The final step is to write a list of at least fifty blog posts that you think you could write about. 50 may sound like a lot of posts, but when you consider that there are 52 weeks in a year, if you done only one blog post per week then that there wouldn’t even be a years worth. You should be posting more than this per week, so you can see how many posts you will need.

Most people struggle in coming up with ideas for blog posts, but for me this couldn’t be easier. Here are a few methods to help you choose.

Method One: Pinterest

Head on over to Pinterest, and start typing in keywords related to your niche. In the feed you will get a ton of ideas by seeing other people in your niche and what kind of posts and content they are creating.

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Method Two: Keyword Research

Keyword research was mentioned above in this Blogging Niches article. Once you have done your keyword research, you should end up with a list of hundreds of different keywords. You should be creating posts based around these keywords, as this is what people are actually typing into Google.

The way I go about it is, over time I write blog posts relating to each keyword. Keep them organised in a Google Sheets document, and highlight them green with each one I complete. You can see exactly how I do it in the screenshot below.

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Method Three: Feedly

First of all, head on over to feedly and sign up for a free account. Inside feedly you can type in keywords related to your niche, and it will find websites from all around the world related to that topic. You can then add these sites to your feed. Every time that a site creates a new blog posts, it will show in your feed. If you add, say around 30-40 sites, you will get an unlimited amount of ideas you can use yourself.

As an example, if you see the screenshot below, this is from my Feedly account. Inside my feed I have feeds on Blogging, Marketing, Make Money Online, SEO etc.

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An Easier Way To Choose A Niche

It can be very hard and daunting when choosing a niche. You may not know where to start and they may be niches you would never of even thought of. I’ve put together a PDF called Ultimate List Of Niches which contains a list of 1,500+ niches for you to choose from. This will help you a lot when doing your niche research. You can download the list 100% FREE from the link below.

Download Ultimate List Of Niches HERE


That concludes this post on Blogging Niches, 3 steps on how to choose a winning niche for your blog. Work your way through and have a go yourself. Download my FREE PDF, start writing your list from this and try out the keyword research tools. Once everything is setup and running, you’ll then want to monetize your blog so you can get earning some money.

If your stuck with anything or you have any questions, drop all of your questions in the comments below. Alternatively, you can send me a message via one of my social networks.

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Blogging Niches | 3 Steps On How To Choose a Winning Niche For Your Blog

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