Cold Shower Benefits | Things That Happen When You Take Cold Showers


In this article we will take a look at Cold Shower Benefits. If you’re like most people, you hate the idea of taking a cold shower. We’ve gotten so used to showering in warm water that we only really notice it when it runs out! Warm showers can help you warm up and are incredibly relaxing, which is their greatest benefit.

But have you ever stopped to think about the benefits of showering in cold water? That’s what we’re going to be talking about in today’s video… Here are some benefits of taking cold showers: They leave you feeling more alert If you normally feel sluggish and sleepy when you wake up, try taking a cold shower.

Before we go into all of the details of taking a cold shower, here’s a summary list of all of the benefits.

  1. Increases alertness
  2. Refines hair and skin
  3. Improves immunity and circulation
  4. Stimulates weight loss
  5. Speeds up muscle soreness and recovery
  6. Relieves stress
  7. Relieves depression
  8. Build strong will power
  9. Improve emotional resilience
  10. Increase testosterone
  11. Boost fertility

Once your body makes contact with the cold water the temperature change causes it to react. Your breathing becomes heavier allowing you access to more oxygen and your heart rate increases in order to balance your body temperature.

Due to the increase in circulation we stay awake and alert all day long. Cold showers can help you lose weight in a less conventional way. Our body has two types of fat, what’s known as white adipose tissue or white fat and brown adipose tissue or brown fat.

Cold Shower Benefits 6

The white fat builds up in areas such as your neck, thigh, waist, and back. It appears mainly due to excessive calorie intake. Brown fat, on the other hand, is know as good fat, and generates heat in order to keep us warm. Studies have shown that showering in cold water can activate that fat, and it will burn more calories. This means that you could lose up to 9 pounds in a year if you keep up this habit.

They improve your skin and hair. You’ve probably noticed that your hair and skin get dried out when you take hot showers during the winter. Cold water does the opposite, sealing up the ends of your hair and your pores, locking moisture in.

Cold Shower Benefits 4

Another one of Cold Shower Benefits is the sudden temperature change. Also known as contrast bath therapy, this practice consists of starting with a warm shower and turning the water suddenly to cold after a few minutes. Scientists believe that this type of shower generates an increase in the immune system cells, which could help your body fight off diseases.

As we explained earlier, cold water causes a reaction in your body, an increase in heart rate, which increases your circulation. Furthermore, the contrast in temperature helps your body to better pump your blood through your arteries, which has a positive impact on your overall health.

Cold showers also help fight depression. You may be thinking, how can a simple cold shower influence our mood and even fight depression? Our skin has cold sensors which send electric impulses to our brain whenever it is in contact with cold water, causing an anti-depressant effect on our body. A study performed in 2008 showed that this type of shower produces an analgesic effect that doesn’t lead to any dependence or negative side effects.

They help our muscles to recover faster. You’ve probably already seen athletes take ice baths after an intense workout or practice to relieve muscle pain. But you don’t have to take it that far. Studies have shown that even a cold shower can relieve muscle pain and increase recovery time.

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Taking a cold shower can relieve stress. Taking a cold shower makes our body enter stress mode which can actually increase our tolerance to stress and even certain diseases. A study has shown that exposure to cold reduced the uric acid level in the participants. This compound is related to the appearance of several different sicknesses. The study also noted an increase our body’s glutathione levels, an enzyme that serves as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and natural blood purifier.

Now that you know every thing that there is to know about the benefits of taking a cold shower, we’re going to teach you how to do it. Your going to use a technique called the five-second rule. This little trick can be used for almost anything. As an example, instead of hitting the snooze button on your alarm on a morning, use the five-second rule to help you jump right out of bed.

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The way it works is you count backwards from 5 and then you do the task at hand. The counting helps you focus on a specific commitment or goal to help you get the task done. It’s a tried and tested method that really works. It can be used to help you get out of bed on a morning instead of keep snoozing the alarm.

The way I do it is to first of all have a shower at your normal temperature and do whatever you need to do. Then turn the shower head so it’s not directly over you and turn the temperature down to cold. Using the five-second rule count 5 4 3 2 1 and then just step under the water.

At first you may only last a few seconds under there but as you build more resilience and mental toughness, you will increase your time under the water more and more. The most important thing now is that you start taking action. You will not improve and start feeling the effects until you take action and start doing this.

Hope you enjoyed this article on Cold Shower Benefits and that you are now taking action and doing this every morning to improve your health, mood and productivity.

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Cold Shower Benefits | Things That Happen When You Take Cold Showers

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