How To Make Money Online Fast | 2 Ways To Get Started Making Money


In this article we will discuss how to make money online fast without dealing with any scams. There are 2 ways of making money when first starting out. One is a guaranteed way of making money doing basic tasks. The second is a way that you can earn millions of dollars selling products online with reputable companies.

How do you make money online without dealing with any scams? Because there are a lot of scams out there and I’m going to be going over how you do this? So, the first way to keep yourself from dealing with scams if you’re trying to learn how to create a business online is dealing with reputable companies.

There’s one major factor which you can use to determine if a company’s reputable. Anybody can claim their company is reputable. The number one factor is this. Time and business is the number one factor that you need to be looking at in terms of dealing with reputable companies.

Now, there’s 2 basic categories of work that you can do online to get you started with making some money online.

  1. Tasks
  2. Selling Stuff

Tasks are simple things that anybody can do. You won’t need any investment upfront and they are perfect for making a small side income to supplement your full time job. The extra cash comes in handy for things such as paying bills or extra goodies each month. But if you’re looking to be more entrepreneurial and create a full time living, you’ll want to learn how to sell.

Tasks are very basic work that you can do online with your laptop or even your mobile phone. There are a number of different websites where you can find these kind of tasks for you to complete online. One that we’re going to be looking at is in Amazon. Amazon is one of the best companies that has a lot of basic tasks for you to do whether you have skills or no skills.

It’s a great place to earn a lot of money. And they’ve been in business around 25 years. So they are a very reputable company. It’s called Amazon Mechanical Turk.

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What they do is they have what are called hits. H-I-T. Which are Human Intelligence Tasks. They have thousands of tasks go up on there so there’s always plenty of tasks for you to complete.

Some of the tasks include market research, surveys, transcribing plus much more. It’s easy to get started you just simply apply to the tasks. It’s perfect for somebody starting out online to make some quick money. Your not going to make a lot of money but it will get you in the correct mindset to earning more money online in the future.

Here’s a full list of sites, including Amazon Mechanical Turk where you can do tasks and earn money online.

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If you’re looking to start affiliate marketing, I’m going to share with you everything you need to know about what it is and what you should know. I’ll also help you be able to get started as simply and as affordably as possible if you choose to get started with affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing, in a nutshell, is basically acting as a middle man. A middle man for companies or businesses, and you’re selling their products for a percentage of the commission, for a percentage of the sale. This leaves you in a unique position, and I’m going to kind of explain to you that unique position.

As an Affiliate Marketer you have the opportunity to go, to be an affiliate for whoever you want to. Whatever company, whatever business you want to so there’s a couple different things that this means. Basically you can choose, and you can create your own business around anything that you want, leveraging the affiliate marketing business model. How can you do that?

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So let’s say you are a gymnast, and you like helping people lose weight, the health and wellness type stuff, and you want to build the business but you don’t know how to create products, you don’t know how to fulfill orders. You don’t have a technical team, you don’t have websites in place. You’re just brand new. You want to build the business, but you know it’s going to take thousands of dollars.

Thousands of dollars to start up. It’s going to take a lot of time, effort, and you just don’t have that on your plate right now. You might be working a job, you may be doing something else that’s taking a lot of your time. You might have a family that takes up a lot of your time. So with the affiliate marketing business model, let’s say you’re in health and wellness, and you’re into that, or whatever you’re into, you can get your perfect products, your perfect services in the hands of the people that want it.

You can also make a lot of money off of it. There’s obviously a different bunch of ways to do it but this is the way I like to do it. This is what 97% of affiliate marketers are doing, and running their business this way. You basically choose your niche, and if you don’t know what that is, basically you choose whatever category you want your business to fall into.

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I’ll write an article soon on niche selection and how to find your niche, so keep checking back or sign up to my newsletter if that interests you. But basically, you start your business, and when it comes to the technical aspect, fulfilling orders, creating, even having actual product, you being an affiliate for somebody, for a company that has products that are already in line with your core values that you want your business to be a part of, that’s powerful.

So all you have to do is bring people to the front door. All you have to do is introduce them to the product that they already want. What that’s going to do is that’s going to make you money and that’s going to brand you as whatever kind of leader that you want to branded as.

Affiliate marketing is really lucrative. You can make a lot of money, and I’m not saying a lot of money like it’s going to be really easy because it’s not easy. It takes a lot of hard work and most importantly, a lot of action and never giving up. But if you apply yourself, and you take action and you do your due diligence like you’re doing right now.

You can make a lot of money with very little overhead which basically means you can make a lot of money without spending a lot of money, in plain English. All you really need to get started is web hosting and a domain name as a bare minimum.  You can check out a previous post I wrote HERE on how to setup your first blog.

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You want to be an entrepreneur. You want to be an affiliate marketer. Just wanting to do it is not going to make a reality. You have to give the universe, because the universe will give you whatever you want, the universe will provide for you whatever it is that you desire out of this earth, but you have to give the universe something, a vehicle. You need to give the universe a vehicle to work through to be able to get you the results, and the business, and the desires, and the money that you’re after, essentially, so that’s really my two cents with that.

You have to give the universe something to work through because sitting there hoping a million dollars plops on your lap, or hoping a two thousand dollar, five thousand dollar, or 10 thousand dollar per month business is going to plop on your lap, you better not hold your breath because it’s not going to just plop on your lap. You’ve got to take action. You’ve got to work hard. But the right thoughts, the right mindset, plus action equals results.

Hope you enjoyed this article on How To Make Money Online Fast.. If you want to make money online, take action, setup your blog and do all the steps necessary to get you on the right tracks towards your dream life! If you want to lean more on affiliate marketing, you can view a post I did called Affiliate Marketing Made Easy | The Ultimate Step-By-Step-Guide.

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How To Make Money Online Fast | 2 Ways To Get Started Making Money

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