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In this post I'm going to show you how to monetize a blog on WordPress and start earning money from all of your hard work and effort. This isn't a 'get rich quick scheme', this is a real way to create a business online by blogging which takes a lot of time and effort.

This isn't going to be a guide on how to blog or how to setup a blog, if your looking for that then you can search my website for articles on how to do that. This post is aimed at the people who are currently blogging and want to start making money from their blog.

What your going to learn in this post is how to setup multiple different streams of income on your blog, broken down into various different categories and what tools you will need to implement this. If you stay until the end of the post, i'll show you the easy method on how to do which will literally turn your blog into a money machine!

Let's continue this post on how to monetize a blog on WordPress.

As fun as it can be, running a blog requires you to publish content on a regular basis which can take a lot of time and effort. It just makes sense that you will want to be rewarded for all of that hard work that you put into your blog.

A big factor on how much money you make depends on the volume of traffic you are getting to your blog. If your not getting visitors coming to your site, your not going to make any money. But with the correct monetization strategy in place, you can make a lot more money from your blog with just a small amount of traffic. I'll talk more about traffic later.

 When Should You Start to Monetize Your Blog?

There are no rule hard rules on when you should start monetizing your blog. You can start putting affiliate links into your articles straight away. There are some monetization strategies which I will cover later such as Google Adsense, where you will need to have a number of posts on your site before you can apply to the program.

Then there's the fact that your not going to really make a lot of money if your only getting a handful of people to your blog each week. A good way to go about this is to do your keyword research, put up 25 - 30 good posts, and then setup this monetization strategy.

 How Much Money Can I Make From My Blog?

In this section I want to show you the amazing things you can achieve from a blog. Again I want to state that this kind of level is not going to be achieved overnight. It may take some people 1 year, 2 years, or even 3 - 5 years to get to this kind of level. 

A big percentage of people quit before they even make a penny because it takes a long time to start seeing results. But if you put in the grind now, constantly pumping out content on a daily basis and following a winning strategy, you will get that snowball effect.

By this I mean things will start off extremely slowly, but over time like a snowball rolling down a hill, you will just build up more and more momentum. Put in the hard work now and you will have a passive income stream from your blog in the future.

Club Thrifty by Greg and Holly Johnson ($21,566 per month)

Art of Manliness by Brett and Kate McKay ($33,333 per month, $40,000 per year)

Problogger by Darren Rowse ($40,000 per month)

Just a Girl and her Blog by Abby ($41,700 per month)

Show me the Yummy by Trevor and Jennifer Debth ($46,000 + per month)

As you can see, you can make a huge amount of money online but to repeat what I have already said, it takes hard work so be very patient, keep plugging away, and never give up.

 How To Monetize a Blog On WordPress

We have reached the section where you will learn how to setup monetization on your blog. I've broken it up into different categories to make it clear and easy to follow. Like I said at the start of this post, make sure you stay until the end of the post as I will show you an easy method which i'm pretty certain you will never have seen before on how you can implement all of the monetization methods with one tool and just a few clicks of a button.


Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a great way to start making money from your blog. The type of ad is CPC which is short for cost per click. Each time a user clicks on the ad, you will get paid for it. You will have to apply to Google Adsense and you may get rejected. Make sure you have around 25 - 30 good articles on your blog before you apply.

If you do get accepted by Google Adsense, you can easily set this up by copying the add code from Adsense to your website using one of the plugins below. You will also see below a screenshot from my blog where I have Google Adsense implemented in the sidebar and within the content.

Required Tools:

How To Monetize a Blog On WordPress 2

Banner Ads

  • Banner ads can be inserted in multiple locations on your blog. When a visitor clicks on the banner, they will be redirected to the advertiser's website.

Required Tools:

How To Monetize a Blog On WordPress 3

Text Ads

Text ads work great when used inside the content of your blogs. The example below is from one of my niche blogs called Caredicat. You can check it out at if you want to take a look. As you can see, the text ads blend in well with the content and don't really look like ads at all.

Required Tools:

Image Ads

Image ads use the power of images to sell their services or product. When people click on t he add they will be taken to a specific page or product.

Required Tools:

  • Ad Inserter: Click Here
  • AdRotate: Click Here
  • Floating Banner

    Floating banners are very popular and you've more than likely come across these when you have been browsing the web. The reason why they work so good and capture people's attention is because they stay at the bottom of the screen even when the user is scrolling down.

    Required Tools:

    How To Monetize a Blog On WordPress 10

    Product Cards

    As you can see in the example, product cards are a great way of featuring some of your top products allowing them to stand out more.

    Required Tools:

    How To Monetize a Blog On WordPress 11

     Affiliate Offers

    Amazon Products

    In order to start earning money on Amazon, you will first need to sign up to their affiliate program called Amazon Associates. You can then get affiliate links to any product on Amazon which you can start inserting into your blog posts and start earning money.

    Required Tools:

    • GZone - Insert Amazon Products into Posts / Pages: Click Here

    Ebay Products

    Ebay works in the same way as Amazon. You will first need to head on over to the eBay partner network and sign up as an affiliate. Once inside the network you will be able to grab affiliate links and banners that you can put onto your blog. You will need a different plugin for this one called WP eBay Product Feeds.

    Required Tools:

    Aliexpress Products

    AliExpress is an ecommerce marketplace which is made up of tons of suppliers such as small retailers and wholesalers. You can can find literally any product you can think of on Aliexpress. That makes it a great platform no matter what niche your blog is in.

    Required Tools:

    Walmart/Bestbuy/Gearbest Products

    These affiliate programs are similar to Amazon in that you will earn a commission when somebody clicks on a link or banner containing your affiliate link and makes a purchase. 

    Required Tools:

    There are currently no specific plugins I know of for Bestbuy and Gearbest, it's case of using their banners and links inside of your blog.

    Clickbank Products

    Clickbank is a great affiliate platform which has thousands of digital products in tons of different categories. For a more in-depth look at how to start making money with Clickbank, check out this article on my blog called ClickBank Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2020.

    Required Tools:

    A lot of the products on Clickbank have an affiliate page where you can grab banners, images, videos, and all kinds of promotional materials.

    Envato Products

    Envato is the world's largest creative marketplace where you can earn 30% commission on any first purchase. It's a great platform because it contains all kinds of graphic elements, templates, WordPress themes, and plugins.

    Required Tools:

    There are no tools or plugins that I know of for Envato affiliates. You will have to either use the general affiliate link to the Envato homepage or use their affiliate link generator to generate links to specific products.


    Inline Links

    Inline links are used inside of your blog posts content. There are no special plugins you need to do this, it's just a case of highlighting a specific word inside of your WordPress editor, clicking the link tool, then pasting your affiliate link inside. This means that anybody who clicks on this will be redirected to a specific page or product of your choice.

    How To Monetize a Blog On WordPress 4

    In-Text Ads

    You've probably came across these at some point when you have been browsing the internet. In-text ads, or "tooltip" as they are known is when a user hovers over a word inside your blog post and a little popup appears.

    I've been doing a bit of research and I've really struggled to find any tools that can create this kind of popup as in the example below. If anybody knows of any tools that can create this kind of popup, just tell me in the comments section below.

    You can create create these in the easy method which I will reveal shortly.

    How To Monetize a Blog On WordPress 5

     CTA (Call To Action)

    Floating CTA

    As you can see in the example, floating CTA is something such as a video that pops up in the corner of the screen and stays there as you scroll down the page.

    Required Tools:

    How To Monetize a Blog On WordPress 8

    Top Bar

    These can be seen at the top of the screen which will stay there unless you click the little cross button to remove it. You can link out to affiliate products or to a landing page where you can collect emails.

    Required Tools:

  • ConvertPlus: Click Here
  • Green Popups (formerly Layered Popups): Click Here
  • How To Monetize a Blog 6

    Side Slider

    When using a side slider, a button will appear on the side of the page. When somebody clicks this button, an image will slide out with a call to action. Again you can use this for anything such as a direct link to an affiliate product or a landing page where you are giving away a freebie to collect emails.

    Required Tools:

  • ConvertPlus: Click Here
  • Green Popups (formerly Layered Popups): Click Here
  •  Other


    You will come across popups on pretty much most websites you visit and they work great for promoting products, giving discount codes, and collecting emails. In the example below you will see a popup from my blog where I am giving away a free eBook on how to start a profitable blog. The tool I use is Green Popups (formerly Layered Popups).

    Required Tools:

  • ConvertPlus: Click Here
  • Green Popups (formerly Layered Popups): Click Here
  • How To Monetize a Blog On WordPress 9

    News Ticker

    A news ticker is scrolling text on your blog which people can click on and get taken to that specific link.

    Required Tools:

     The Easy Method To Monetize Your Blog

    As you can see there a lot of cool things you can do on your blog to increase the amount of money you make. Here are two problems or issues you will face by using multiple different plugins to setup all of the different methods:

    • Multiple plugins means messing around with multiple different settings and keeping everything updated.
    • The more plugins you have installed the slower your site is going to be.

    What's the solution?

    The solution is a tool called WP Money Machine. With this tool you can setup any of the monetization methods I've described in this post all within one plugin.

     WP Money Machine

    Let's  take a look at WP Money Machine in more details.

    WP Money Machine Features

    How To Monetize a Blog On WordPress 6

    WP Money Machine Demo

    Once you set everything up using WP Money Machine, all you will need to do is concentrate on driving traffic to your site. What I'll do is throw in some of my custom bonuses 100% to anybody who gets WP Money Machine to help you out with traffic.

    Bonus 1: SEO Ultimate Checklist and Tools Guide
    Bonus 2: Ultimate Traffic Machine
    Bonus 3: High Converting Copy and Paste Email Swipes
    Bonus 4: Pinsane - Drive huge traffic using Pinterest​​

    Just drop me an email with your receipt of purchase and I will personally send you the bonuses.


    Hope you enjoyed this post on how to monetize a blog on WordPress. You should now know how to monetize your blog the correct way in order for you to start making more money. Any questions about this topic just leave them in the comments section below.

    How To Monetize a Blog On WordPress 1

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