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Welcome to the Keysearch Review. If your a blogger and are serious about making money with organic traffic, the, a good keyword research tool is an essential part of your success. There are some good free keyword tools out there and are great for finding base keywords to base your posts around. But keywords alone will just not cut it. You will need a lot more data than that if you are going to rank and be successful.


In this Keysearch Review you will see all of the of the other tools you will need that a free keyword research tool just doesn’t provide. The problem with a free tool is that you will end up wasting a ton of valuable time to just end up never not ranking and never earning a single penny from your blog. 

Working multiple hours per day for months on end and seeing no results is the number one reason why people give up. You may as well cut out all of the guesswork and invest a little into a proper tool. There are some amazing keyword research tools out there such as Ahrefs and Semrush. The problem is they are just so expensive! The best thing about Keysearch is it’s ridiculously cheap in comparison. That makes this the perfect tool for newbies just starting out. 

If you get Keysearch through any of the links on this page, you will also receive all of my EXCLUSIVE bonuses (see below for details). Another important part of the ranking process is creating good content. One of my bonuses titled “Content On Demand” will show you a great method on how you can create unique SEO friendly content without having to write a single word. Another featured bonus is a WordPress plugin tool which creates unique SEO content via various multiple sources. So what you can do is jump onto Keysearch, do all of your keyword research for your niche, and then use my bonuses to start creating content based around your keywords. Plus, I also have some other really cool bonuses… see below for details.

Let’s continue the Keysearch Review and take a look at all of the details and features.

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What is Keysearch?

Keysearch is an affordable yet powerful keyword and SEO tool. It contains most of the typical features of a keyword research tool such as search volume, competition analysis, rank tracking plus much more. You can see a full list of features and what these features actually do by reading the rest of this Keysearch Review below.

Keysearch cuts out all of the guesswork and helps you to get ranking in Google without spending a ton of time.

Keysearch Features

  • In-Depth Keyword Research
  • Keyword Difficulty Checker
  • SEO Competition Analysis
  • Rank Tracking
  • Brainstorm Niche Ideas
  • YouTube Competition Research
  • Backlink Checker
  • Webpage Audit Analyzer
  • Competitive Analysis

Members Area

Keyword Research Tab: Keyword Research

keysearch review 4

The first section we will look at in this Keysearch Review is the keyword research tool found in the keyword research tab. Here you will be able to find all of the keywords for your chosen niche and see which ones you can rank for. It also allows you to check the keyword difficulty which shows how easy the keyword is to rank for.

This is an important factor because if you have a relatively new domain and your trying to rank for a difficult keyword, it’s never going to happen! You have to build up your domain authority with the easy to rank for keywords first, and this tool allows you to do that. Imagine spending hours writing an epic post only to find it’s a ridiculously hard keyword and your never going to rank for it. Hopefully you can see how much of an important tool Keysearch is for any blogger!

Here’s a list of the difficulty score that Keysearch utilizes to help you when choosing your keywords

  • Light blue – Competition is very easy
  • Light green – Competition is fairly easy
  • Green – Competition is easy-moderate
  • Yellow – Competition is moderate
  • Light red – Competition is fairly difficult
  • Red – Competition is very difficult

Obviously you shouldn’t be too dependent on just the keyword difficulty alone, as there are a lot of aspects of SEO to get your posts ranking. That being said, when using keysearch with my own blog and online shop, I’ve managed to get posts and products ranked on pages 3 and 4 of Google, just by finding an easy to rank for keyword. This was without any back-linking strategy or any real effort. This just shows how powerful this can be.

Another impressive feature of the software is the search results table. It provides you with all of the information and data on who is actually ranking for that specific keyword and at what position.

Keyword Research Tab: Quick Difficulty

keysearch review 5

The quick difficulty feature is very similar to the research tab, but it also serves a different purpose. What you can do is bulk submit keywords, and keysearch will check the difficulty scores and present them to you. Another great thing is the speed of the software. Keysearch will process bulk requests very quickly without any issues.

As previously mentioned, all these features are great, but you can put the keyword in the title, description and headers and still not rank in Google. SEO is a lot more complex than that so don’t expect miracles when using the software. In my bonuses below I’ve thrown in a guide called “SEO Ultimate Checklist and Tools Guide”. If you get Keysearch via any one of the links on this Keysearch Review post, you will receive this plus a ton of other FREE goodies. See the bonus section below for details.Get Keysearch + My Exclusive Bonuses 

Keyword Research Tab: My Lists

keysearch review 6

This module will help you keep all of your keywords organised into different lists. For example, if you are in the dog niche, you could have a list of keywords called “dog training”. Another list called “dog nutrition” etc. Inside my Keysearch account I have a lot of different lists based on various different sub-topics. You can also keep adding to these lists as you find new keywords, as well as showing all of the data and information for each keyword.

You also have the option to export the keywords as different formats. What I like to do is import them into Google sheets. As I create blog posts based around the keywords, I then put my blog URL next to the keyword and highlight the keyword in green to show that this one is complete.

Keyword Research Tab: Brainstorm

keysearch review 7

This module will give you more keyword and niche ideas. That way it goes about this is by displaying all of the latest trends on Twitter and Google. You can also go to the search bar at the top of the screen and Keysearch will provide you with keyword suggestions for Amazon, YouTube,eBay, Bing, Yahoo and Google. You will also be presented with various other options where you can dig deeper into the keyword and find other information such as the difficulty score.

Keyword Research Tab: Difficulty Browser Addon

keysearch review 8

This is a great feature which allows you to add the browser extension for Keysearch where you can see both the keyword difficulty and the Metrix table. This is an advantage because you can do all of this without even opening the software.

It’s very easy to setup. All you have to do is go into the Keysearch software and create an API. You then enter the API into the extension after installing it.

Explorer Tab

keysearch review 9

This is a very handy tab for uncovering domain strength and giving you information on what kind of keyword score you can realistically rank for. Using a new website with a small domain authority, you will need to stick to a score of 30 or less as recommended by Keysearch. In this range the competition is easy to moderate.

Competitive Analysis Tab: Backlink Checker

keysearch review 10

Backlink checker offers a ton of amazing features and is a significant feature in any SEO tool. The backlink checker found inside Keysearch allows you to check backlinks for either an entire domain or a specific page on that domain. You can assess the quality of the website you are checking with a unit of measure called Domain Strength. What this then allows you to do is to find a site with good domain strength for which you can then either guest post or get a backlink from.

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Competitive Analysis Tab: Organic Keywords

keysearch review 10

By entering you domain into the search box and clicking the search button, the software will pull up a list of all of the keywords you are ranking for organically, along with it’s current rank position. 

Competitive Analysis Tab: Competitor Gap

keysearch review 11

In this section you can enter up to 3 of your competitors sites and show keywords that they rank for and you don’t. The way this works is, on the left hand side you enter 3 competitor websites. On the right hand side you enter your domain and click search. The software will then pull up a list of data showing you all of the keywords that you are not ranking for, but your competitors are.

Competitive Analysis Tab: URL Metrics

keysearch review 12

This section provides various different metrics for each URL. The way you go about this is to submit 1 or 2 URLs, and then you get a standard set of metrics for each URL in return. Some of the metrics that can be found are…

  • Alexa rank
  • Social Media stats
  • Total backlinks
  • Moz

You can then export this data into PDF  and CSV format.

Competitive Analysis Tab: Page Analyzer

keysearch review 13

You can get some really useful information using this tool. If you paste in a specific URL, KeySearch will then throw out a report full of on-page SEO data. You will be able to see things such as title tag, alt attributes, meta description, outbound links plus more. It also has a PageSpeed insights which is another important factor in ranking on Google.

Youtube Research Tab: Youtube Research

keysearch review 14

YouTube is a great traffic source and I have found it easier to rank on YouTube than on Google. This tool makes finding good keywords to rank for on YouTube very easy. It will provide you with a ranking difficulty score along with plenty of other data to get you ranking as easy as possible.

If you remember the Keyword Research Module I spoke about earlier in this KeySearch Review, the YouTube Research tool also allows you to separate keywords into different lists.

Rank Tracking Tab

keysearch review 15

An important part of SEO and ranking is actually tracking your keywords to see where they are actually ranking. This section allows you to input keywords, and then determine over time how well your articles for these specific keywords are actually doing.

If it’s doing very well then great, if not, you know to optimize the article and start building backlinks towards it. With the KeySearch starter plan you can track up to 40 keywords. The pro version allows you to track up to 100 keywords.

More Tools: Content Assistant

keysearch review 16

Content assistant is a new addition to KeySearch and is an excellent feature. After entering a keyword, this tool then displays what’s known as LSI which displays volume and competition score. These are simply words that are very similar to the main keyword which you typed in. You can then use these keywords inside of your articles.

A lot of people struggle with creating content but I have an excellent bonus called “Content On Demand” which enables you to create content fast and easily without writing a word yourself. See below for details.

More Tools: Opportunity Finder

keysearch review 17

Here you will be able to find Blogs, Forums, and Guest Posts in your niche. These are great opportunities to allow you to generate a lot more traffic back towards your blog. Whichever option you use, KeySearch will display a list of results in ranking order by Google.


How Much Does Keysearch Cost?

You have now read my KeySearch Review, so let’s take a look at the pricing. Keysearch offers two different plans, a starter plan at $17 per month or $169 for the year, and a pro plan at $34 per month or $279 for the year.

Both plans offer the exact same features, the only difference is you have more credits on the pro plan. Me personally I have the starter plan and it’s all I’ve ever used. It just depends on how large your business is and what you are trying to achieve. My recommendation would be to go with the start plan, then you can upgrade as and when you need.

keysearch review 3

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What Are Some Keysearch Alternatives?

Here are 2 of my favourite alternative to keySearch

1.KW Finder:

keysearch review kwfinder

2.Long Tail Pro:

keysearch review long tail pro

You can read my full Long Tail Pro Review here.

My Bonuses

Anybody who get’s this tool via one of the links on this Keysearch Review page, will also get all of my EXCLUSIVE bonuses as found below.

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Hope you enjoyed this KeySearch Review. After reading this review, I hope you realise how important keyword research is in the long term plan of your business. Free tools are okay to get an understanding, but you need a quality keyword research tool, and KeySearch is the one!


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Keysearch Review [2019] – Affordable Tool + EXCLUSIVE Bonuses

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