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Get Easy Affiliate Sales With a Never Seen Before Method With Parlay

What Is Parlay?

Welcome to the Parlay Review. Parlay is an over-the-shoulder video training course on Affiliate Marketing. The idea behind the course is a secret method by the product creator Debbie Drum called “The Parlay Method” which is taught in the training to get you more passive income.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best business models you can start as a newbie. It’s what I do myself in my business, and you can start without any money upfront. Ideally you eventually want your own products, but if you are just starting out, this can overwhelming and beyond your ability. The great thing with Affiliate Marketing is, you can earn a great income just promoting other peoples products.

If you get Parlay via one of my links, then I also have an EXCLUSIVE bonus package for you for. These are bonuses put together by myself, so you will not find these anywhere else! They are methods that I do in my own business, so this stuff works! If you combine these with the Parlay Method then you are setting yourself up to start earning an insane amount of income online.

Lets’ continue the rest of the Parlay Review and see what’s involved in the course.

Parlay – Overview

Vendor: Debbie Drum

Product Name: Parlayparlay review 1

Launch Date: Tue 8th Oct 2019

Front End Price: $15.69

Sales Page: CLICK HERE

Bonuses:  Product Bonuses Plus My Extra Bonuses If You Purchase From This Page (See below)

Click Here To Get Parlay + Exclusive Bonuses

Parlay Members Area

parlay review 3

Once inside the Parlay members area, you will presented with all of the training. Go through the training step-by-step and make notes.

#1: My Secret Parlay Method is Revealed

This section will teach you the secret Parlay method which will help you get onto leaderboards of Affiliate contests and create a passive income.

#2: 10 Done For You Parlay Ideas On How You Can Use Parlay Starting Today

The first section shows you what the Parlay method is. In this section you will get shown how to actually implement the strategy into your own campaigns with 10 different ideas.

#3: Short, Over the Shoulder Video Training On How To Do The Parlay Method

You’ll Discover:

✔️ Detailed overview of the Parlay process and how I do it to get maximum benefits
✔️ Step-by-step on how to do the Parlay Method in your business
✔️How to deliver your bonus for hands off, zero customer service involvement (it’s all hands  off, you don’t have to talk to anyone)
✔️ My secret sneaky way to get this to work ALL THE TIME (this is worth 10x more than the entire training)
✔️ A detailed step-by-step overview of my entire strategy (You’ll easily see why people will want to buy from you over ANYONE else – THIS WORKS IN ANY NICHE)
✔️ How to pick the RIGHT PRODUCTS to promote (don’t just promote the ones with the most hype because that might not be the best for you to succeed with!)

#4: Written Summaries Of All The Videos

Every part of the training comes with summarized notes of how to do each task and what you will need. The concept of this is to enable you to skim through the training quickly so you can pull out the important facts.

#5: Tracking Worksheet

One of the most important areas of an online business is tracking. If you have things all over the place and not organised, you lose track of where you are or what you have done. It increases productivity if you keep all of your details in an organised manor.

The Parlay tracking worksheet will help you keep everything organised.

Parlay Options

Front End – Main Method: $15.69

The secret Parlay method to land you on leaderboards and get you earning passive commissions.

OTO 1 – Parlay Upgrade: $37

Case studyof how Debbie turned $47 into $10,000. Case studies are always great because they show the exact steps that somebody takes, which you can then replicate yourself.

Downsell 1 – Digi Product Lab: $29

How to create lead magnets, eBooks and info products without writing a word yourself in a matter of minutes. This is a great upgrade but one of my bonuses will help you with this one.

OTO 2 – Software Package Unlimited: $97

Unlimited Digital Products

Downsell 2 – Bonus Pages: $27

Build Bonus Pages

Why You Should Buy It

If your looking to make your first bit of money online then this is a great course to start out with. It contains a great method which is proven to work and it can work for you. On top of the training I also have some great bonuses which if you take action then over time you can build a life changing passive income.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is this course about?

Parlay reveals how to generate TONS of affiliate traffic THE RIGHT WAY. I am going to show you how to generate affiliate commissions without giving away crappy bonuses that just don’t work. My Parlay Method reveals how to reap all the benefits of a product launch without having to do ANY of the hard work it takes to launch a product.

Q. Who is this for?

This is for anyone who wants more traffic and a following!

Product Creators
Online Marketers
Service Providers
And more!

Q. How is the training delivered?

* Over the shoulder, short to-the-point training videos

* Written summaries of each video

* Worksheets (get my exact tracking template)

* Secure members area

Q. Do I need experience, or do I need to have a huge list?

No! You definitely don’t need this, but put the Parlay Method to good use and you will get there via this strategy. Doesn’t that sound awesome?!?

Q: Do I have to do work to achieve success?

Yes, you have to do some work, but it will all pay off handsomely in the long run.

Q. What else DON’T I need?

Here’s What You Don’t Need

❌ YOU DON’T need to be an expert
❌ YOU DON’T need a list
❌ YOU DON’T have to have been doing this for years
❌ YOU DON’T need any special skills
❌ YOU DON’T need a college education
❌ YOU DON’T need any special tools

Click Here To Get Parlay + Exclusive Bonuses

Exclusive Parlay Bonuses

If you buy Parlay via any one of the links on this Parlay Review page, will receive these bonuses as shown below. If you cannot see them in the members area after purchasing just email me your receipt at and I will personally send them to you.

Click Here To Get Parlay + Exclusive Bonuses

Hope you enjoyed the Parlay Review. If you have any questions regarding the course or my bonuses then do not hesitate to contact me. Just simply drop me an email or a message on Facebook.


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Parlay Review + EXCLUSIVE Custom Bonuses

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